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Working Towards

Our Aims

The aim is to promote wellbeing, sustainable good quality of life, and an inclusive supportive and caring community, and have this managed more locally through a community cooperative, linking individuals with services more in tune with their needs. This will obviously take time and effort and may take up to three years to fully achieve.

Intergenerational Opportunities

Formal organisational and institutional structures tend to create and encourage generations to be apart. This project aims to explore different ways to organise public service and related community activity and be proactive in creating intergenerational opportunities and ways of doing things, including providing services or short-term programmes to promote understanding across generations and build a more cohesive community.


Main Tasks of the UKFAC

The main aim of UKFAC is to improve the health and wellbeing of an age-inclusive community that is both sustainable and value for money.

This improvement will be achieved by planning and delivering a series of projects and events. UKFAC will co-ordinate and commission the individual, but linked projects through a programme management approach and by working in partnership with other organisations and businesses.

Ukfac will identify a person for each project to take lead responsibility for it and they will report on progress with the project activity.

To act as the primary point of contact for all partnerships through engagement and communications with the community and partners to keep them informed of progress.

To provide leadership for the development and delivery of improvements in the health and wellbeing of the community.

To provide an appropriate forum for the community to work with stakeholder partners on the delivery of other initiatives that will enhance the health and wellbeing of the community..

To consider what investment and funding arrangements might be required, support the business plan, and develop strategies to achieve the plan.

To have oversight of the projects.

To identify and appoint lead members to take the lead on projects agreed.

To encourage volunteers to participate in project activities or provide specialist advice for specific project activities.

To help identify synergies between projects within the plan and with developments and organisations both outside and within the community.

To offer advice when appropriate on the direction of individual projects and agree to any additional or new priorities for the business plan.

To appoint a Programme Manager if needed, to deliver the full range of projects within the business plan.

To appoint project managers for individual projects where appropriate.

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