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Providing solutions to food poverty and waste through community projects

Fun Food & Family Cooking  Session

At Welbeck Primary School was a huge success. We had 6 families attend and a lovely mixture of mums and dads which was so refreshing to see 🤗 the engagement from the children was amazing and they are such a credit to their parents and the school. 


All the teachers followed the smell of the food and popped in to say hi even the headteacher popped in to see how everything was going.  


We will be delivering the sessions for 6 weeks at Welbeck Primary School in partnership with Three Little Birds

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UK Food Aid Community CIC work with other organisations to tackle food waste and poverty, by working in partnership to provide quality surplus food and meals to charities and community groups. We also hold events to promote and educate businesses and the general public the programs they can take part in to cut down on food waste.

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LATEST Project

UK Food Aid Community CIC are proud to announce that they have been operating the UK Food Aid community cafe (formally know as queens walk community cafe for 1 year. at the Queens Walk Community Centre. And are making some big changes....

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